Bonus Round: Make the most out of your bonus lines on the ice

Ice fishermen are at a disadvantage because it can be hard to move around in the winter. We have to drill holes in each new area, and we often walk through deep snow and have to bundle up to handle frigid temperatures. On top of that, we can only fish straight up and down and can’t cast or troll to cover water.

Power augers, warm clothes, durable ice shelters and electronics have greatly increased our odds on the ice. Just because we have all of the proper tools, though, doesn’t mean we will automatically catch more fish. We have to develop and adjust a strategy for each lake we fish and each species we want to catch.

Bonus Line Advantage
A huge part of each strategy I develop is taking advantage of bonus lines. Many states allow more lines in the winter than in the summer, which is yet another way to increase the odds for ice fishermen.

Taking advantage of the maximum amount of lines will help you cover more area, catch more fish and even give you a shot at the biggest fish of the winter.

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