Converted User of Automatic Fisherman

Automatic Fisherman successMy mother bought me an auto for Xmas last year… I didn’t think much of it. I took it to Maine fishing with me and set it along with all our other tip ups. Well very soon we discovered that our whole group of adult men turned into excited little children when that rod snapped up!!! Haha.

We had a blast with it! I immediately ordered 5 more setups! So this years trip I had a full array of autos set amongst 35-40 tip ups. When a flag went up on a tip up, a few guys would go and tend it. But when an auto sprung, it was a stampede of snowmobiles and quads !!!!

The whole gang got turns at reeling in beautiful land lock salmon and some fair size togue. Fish after fish…. It was super exciting !! I’ll never use a tip up again! Thanks