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This is the Automatic fisherman base with our 30" light action rod, the rod is solid fiberglass and it has 5 purple stainless steel holographic guides and it has a purple wrap on the rod with a cork handle. The ice stopper is included in this kit it eliminates the line from freezing in the ice to -50 degrees. Worth its weight in gold in my opinion in cold weather. THERE IS A 8 INCH TRIGGER TO ADJUST FOR THE ROD BETTER AND THE TRIGGER PIN CAN BE ADJUSTED FOR SENSITIVITY. THE 30 INCH LIGHT ROD IS GREAT FOR CRAPPIE, PERCH BLUE-GILLS AND SHALLOW WATER. The bobber lets you give the fish up to 2 feet of pure slack allowing the fish to take the bait better so you can catch more fish.

(There is a 20 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ON THE RED BASE and trigger system)

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