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Improve your Ability to Catch Fish

Thanks for using The Automatic Fisherman™. If used properly, it should help you improve your ability to catch fish. When you use The Automatic Fisherman™, you are able to fight the fish on a jig rod. You’re able to hook fish without even being there! It will help you consistently catch bluegills, crappies, perch, walleyes, bass, northerns, and all species of trout and salmon. You can use jig rods from 24″ to 38″ by making some simple adjustments. You can set it up for the way you want to fish. Enjoy your time out on the ice with The Automatic Fisherman™!


When using rods with ceramic guides, it is possible that the tip top of the ceramic guide may break on release. We recommend the use of a fly rod tip top or the new steel guides. The Automatic Fisherman™ can use a variety of different fishing lines. We recommend you use no less than eight lb. test with the 33″ rod and no less than two lb. test with the 27″ rod. Please use caution with the Automatic Fisherman™. It can cause injury if you are too close when it releases off the trigger shaft post.

How it Works

When the fish takes the bait it will start to swim away. While it swims, the bobber will rise to the eyelets of the rod and the line will tighten. The trigger shaft will drop down, releasing the fishing rod from the trigger post to set the hook. The trigger arm will fall out of the way and hit the base and make a loud “crack,” letting you know you just had a bite. This creates a tangle free area to fight the fish.
For night fishing, there is a hole provided on the trigger arm where you can attach a light, or put reflective tape on the counterweight of the trigger arm so you can check it with a flashlight at night. When you get a bite and the unit sets the hook, take the rod and reel out of the holder and fight the fish.

Depth Setting Hint

When you put a weight by the hook, let line out from the reel so the weight hits bottom. Reel the line up so the rod tip is even with the ice where the Automatic Fisherman™ rests. Engage the rod tip to the trigger post and the hook will be 10″ off the bottom with the 33″ rod combo and 7″ off the bottom with the 27″ rod combo. Every crank on the reel equals 4″ in depth.

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