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The Automatic fisherman red base unit is made in the USA and packaged by  handicapped individuals that take there job very seriously. Our Automatic fisherman product is very durable to prove that we have a 20 year replacement warranty on our system.  The warranty covers all the red base plastic parts it also covers the stainless steel trigger shaft system. We want to be recognized as a manufacturer of quality made products that work extremely well. So we also have a warranty on our rods. Our rods are made out of solid fiberglass and include a 5 year replacement warranty. All of our products are designed by fisherman for fisherman so if you have any issues please let us know and we will back it up with the best warranty in the market.

If you wish to make a warranty claim,

Please send a picture of the broken item to or call: (920) 639-5555. You will be asked what happened so please be as honest as you can, this will help us understand what happened so we can improve the quality of our product. You can send the broken part to us at Automatic fisherman, LLC 1048 Harwood Ave Green Bay Wi 54313. THANKS MUCH KERRY PAULSON

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