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​Ice Stopper™ Reservoir

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Ice Stopper™ Reservoir

Here is the Ice Stopper Reservoir This can be used in any above water tip up, jig rod or hook setting system. The plastic reservoir is very durable you can stand on it and it will not break. If used correctly it will keep your line from freezing in the water to a negative 50 degrees. The plastic reservoir holds the -50 degree Ice Stopper Solution in place for hours of use perfect for those cold days and nights ice fishing. You will need to use the ice stopper solution with this product otherwise it may not work the same. The Ice stopper solution does not degrade the fishing line while other products will in time. colors shipped are RED, WHITE or BLUE.

note::: you can use this reservoir in the summer like a slip bobber to cast your fishing line longer to that favorite spot (just fill it with water and cast it it goes a long way) an it will still float.

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