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AFB27MLRR-ISK COMBO Great for panfish, shallow water walleye, pike (Green rod)

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The Automatic fisherman 27 MEDIUM LIGHT unit its perfect for crappie, perch and bluegills bass pike walleye trout and salmon. It includes the red base, our new 27" green rod, a reel, our ice elimination system and slack line bobber. The rod is solid fiberglass, and it has 5 stainless-steel guides and a foam handle. There is a blue and gold 1000 series reel included this reel has a push button fold down handle a great drag and its built very well. The ice stopper kit is included too, it eliminates the line from freezing in the ice to -50 degrees. Worth its weight in gold in my opinion in cold weather. The rod has a 5-year replacement warranty. THERE IS A 6 INCH TRIGGER THAT CAN BE ADJUSTED FOR SENITIVITY. The bobber gives the fish up to 2 feet of pure slack allowing the fish to take the bait better so you can catch more fish. Use a small foam bobber when you're fishing for panfish because they will feel the balsa wood bobber. Move the trigger arm into the hole closest the rod holder and tighten the trigger nut all the way to get the most out of the Automatic fisherman.

(There is a 20 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY ON THE RED BASE and trigger system)

If you don't catch 80% of the fish that bite, you're doing something wrong and i can help, just give me a call and i can help you get more fish.

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