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(MEDIUM) - 6" SPRING BOBBER up to 5/8 oz baits.

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This is a 6" adjustable spring bobber (made by Marmish out of Canada) you can use this to catch panfish, trout or walleye by retracting it in a little so you can put a Swedish pimple a buckshot rattle spoon or any baits up to 5/8 of a ounce to get the best bend out of the spring bobber to detect the bite. This spring bobber allows you to use a panfish jigs or heavier lead or tungsten jigs for Crappie, Bluegills, Trout, Salmon, Perch, Whitefish and Walleyes because you can adjust the length of the spring bobber from the rod to get the best angle to detect the bite. When your done you can retract it all the way back into the fishing rod so it doesn't get damaged.

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