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Snapper flag system // light and flag adaptor

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This is a part to give the Snapper a flag and light system to it. This system is very easy to use, put the black bracket under the big orange knob and tighten the knob, put the spring flagpole on the opposite side of where the reel handle is located at. All you need to do is set up the Snapper and then load the flag system under the trigger shaft. (You may need to adjust the nut on the trigger to get the flag to rest nice, so it doesn't trip in the wind.) When the fish bites the bait, the fishing rod will release, and the trigger will fall out of the way releasing the flag system to come up. You can put the red flag on the spring pole and a blue tipz indicator on it to let you know you got a bite i use it during the day and at night for fishing walleyes.

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