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boat cleat adaptor system

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This is a stainless steel adaptor with plastic knobs that you can use on your boat cleat, to attach the Automatic fisherman or the Snapper hook setting system to your boat and catch more fish. It is very simple to use here's how it works, remove one of the knobs from the adaptor and put the threaded rod thru the boat cleat. You can use the small plastic hose insert to stop damaged to the boat cleat. Turn the knob tight onto the cleat so you have the end without the knob in the vertical position. Remove the stabilizer from the Automatic fisherman or Snapper and put the threaded rod thru the stabilizer hole and tighten the knob, your ready to fish. Works great when your anchored or drifting over the side of the boat great for saltwater or freshwater applications. Give it a try you will love it!!

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